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A wedding is a tradition in and of itself, but within a wedding there are many opportunities for a couple to connect to their history, heritage, family, and values. We’re excited about our new series, Wedding Traditions, where real brides and grooms share the traditions they included in their big day, and what the tradition means to them.

sixpence in her shoe wedding tradition

Photo: Christina McNeill

The ‘lucky’ sixpence in the bride’s shoe symbolizes good health, great wealth and prosperity.

Says Bride, Lora: “While eloping at the last minute wasn’t exactly in the plans, I still got to enjoy being a bride and having a memorable wedding. Part of this was because I had my big sister looking out for me. Kathryn, had set aside a care package for my husband and I to enjoy on our wedding day. It included a nice sisterly note, champagne for me, beer for Grant, and all the things a bride needs for a lucky wedding! The classic saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” also contains a final ingredient, “…and a sixpence for your shoe.” Being the wedding expert my sister is, she made sure we had all of these, sixpence included. It was a fun way to have her there with me in spirit, looking out for me like an older sister does, and keeping the romance and whimsy of a wedding even though we had to elope.”

See Lora & Grant’s last minute Napa Valley Elopement right HERE.


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