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I vow the following promises to you today and for the rest of our lives:
I promise to be patient, understanding, faithful and honest – to listen, value your opinion and have tough conversations.
I promise to continue to work on myself in order to love you better. And work hard to support our love, lifestyle and family.
I promise to push you to be your best self and allow you to push me to do the same. To always want the best for you and work to help you achieve your goals.
I promise to pursue my own passions to bring back to our relationship. To pursue you and show you love in your love language.
I look forward to celebrating our good days and all of our special occasions, to filling our home with laughter and goodness – but in turn, I also promise to help process the bad.
I promise to continue to go on exciting adventures, relaxing vacations and enjoy you as my partner.
Ultimately, to have your back and be by your side no matter the situation. To be your confidant, teammate and number 1 fan.
I love you today and promise to love you more each day going forward.

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