Win a Couple’s Shoot with Jen Huang!

Y’all, not only is The Little Flower School coming to Northern California, but Jen Huang will be there capturing it all on film, and she’s looking for a real couple to model for the workshop!

Are you in Northern California? Are you and your honey available May 12th to come to Petaluma to have your photos taken by the talented Jen Huang, surrounded by beautiful flowers? Then enter to win! Just send an email to Jen at with your love story and your photo no later than April 30, 2012. Jen will notify the winners via email.


  • John and I met through okcupid, an online dating service. I discovered his profile through a suggestion box, and found his favorite food irresistable! Porkbelly! We met up in a public spot in SF, and went to 3 different restaurants that day! Soon after our first date, I fell for John head over heels. He cooked for me, he taught me how to rock climb, he found every word out of my mouth, no matter how embarrassing I found it, to be interesting and engaging. It’s been almost two years now, and I am more in love with him than ever. My last birthday, John took me 13 restaurants! Sampling a variety of foods he picked beforehand.

    We talked about getting married about a year after we started dating, and kept asking each other back and forth till one day we discovered we both basically thought we were already engaged. We decided to pick out a ring together and make it official. Having vastly different work schedules, we couldn’t make time. I walked down the street to buy wedding invitations and discovered a school fundraiser. Win a quarter carat diamond ring! 10 dollars buys a snowball inside of which may contain a diamond ring! I bought two snowballs since I was afraid my credit card might cut into school profits, and I won the ring in the second snowball! I ran back home to call John and tell him the news and we announced our engagement that night!

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