Workshop in a Box by Jen Huang

We just shared a few beautiful pics from Jen Huang‘s latest workshop, so if you’re a photographer and loved what you saw, you’ll be super excited to hear this… In addition to offering professional wedding photography workshops, Jen has created something totally unique: a Workshop-in-a-Box!

Jen Huang Jen Huang

The box is like a DIY workshop full of goodies. Each one includes a copy of Jen’s new Guide to Fine Art Photography book, plus a DVD audio interview with Jen and Richard Photo Lab, medium format film, sample papers for fine art prints, InDesign album templates, a Dear Jendo correspondence kit with a rubber stamp, and handmade cards for clients.

Here’s a little sneak peek inside the book…

Jen Huang

“… When shooting digital, I choose a jpeg format. Constraining myself to shooting jpeg, in manual mode, with prime lenses, is one of the best things I did for myself in my first year of work. It made me a stronger, more confident shooter, and it allowed me to understand my equipment much better than most photographers who have been shooting on program or auto mode for years. It also gave me the type of control that I needed to create a seamless transition between my digital and film work…”


Jen Huang

“…If branding is the first impression that clients receive, presentation would be the lasting impression. In my work, presentation plays a huge part in how my images are viewed and perceived, not only from the moment my clients see their images, but years later. It also plays a vital role in helping me price myself as a high end photographer. To me, presentation doesn’t mean bows and ribbons or wrapping paper, but craftsmanship – whether it is the type of paper that I print my images on, or the binder who puts together my album…”

Jen Huang

If you’re a photographer who’s interested in learning more from Jen’s experience and skill, the Workshop-in-a-Box is a great place to start. Head over to Grey Likes Weddings for the chance to win one, or to 100 Layer Cake for a discount code on the book!

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