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Pretty and yummy: sugar cookies with flowers from Leela Cyd’s Food With Friends.

Which hat would you choose for summer: beachy floppy or preppy boat-y?

Loved this little excerpt from the upcoming book The Food and Wine of France

Photographing the dark side of American gilded youth.

Lemon meringue ice cream sounds so good.

Speaking of ice cream, I’m pretty sure these are not ice cream sandwiches, but I wish they were.

Enamel pin of the week: This jar of stars has me dreaming of summer.

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Spring is a favorite season for flower enthusiasts for obvious reasons. There are bursts of bright new foliage and everywhere you turn trees are covered in blossoms. Some of our favorite flowers in April are magnolias, and if timed right, they will bloom and open to the most show stopping and wow factor arrangements. Today, Snippet & Ink Select vendor, McKenzie Powell, shares her favorite blooms in this month’s seasonal flowers feature.

Photography by Catherine Abegg.


April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms


Tulip magnolia and apple blossoms paired with star magnolia, and beautifully hanging pieris, make this the perfect arrangement for any Spring wedding.


April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms


Flowers included in this arrangement:  Tulip magnolia, star magnolia, pieris, forget-me-not, hellebores, spirea, young maple tree foliage and apple blossoms.


April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms

(tulip magnolia)


April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms

(star magnolia)


The star magnolia adds a luxurious and feminine tone, all while still feeling wild and unfussy.


April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms April Seasonal Flowers with Tulip magnolia, Star magnolia, Pieris, Forget-Me-Nots, Hellebores, Spirea, Young maple tree foliage and Apple blossoms


Find more seasonal wedding flowers right here.

Floral Design: McKenzie Powell / Photography: Catherine Abegg


McKenzie Powell is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor.

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Doc and Edith on their wedding day, 1945.


Thanks to Alicia for sharing this photo of her grandparents. From Alicia: Doc and Edith met on a slow train through Georgia.  He was so enamored with her that he started writing her letters and sending her books. One day, he surprised her by showing up at her school. Although he didn’t realize how far her school was from the Nashville train station and had to ask her for money to cover his taxi.

They married at West End Church in Nashville, Tennessee on September 8, 1945. My grandfather served in WWII and remained in the Navy, eventually retiring as a Commander after they made thirteen permanent moves in twelve years with all five children in tow. They even were stationed in Hawaii before it became a state! After the Navy he became an engineering professor. They were married 62 years and lived to be 89 and 92. They had a love that lasted a lifetime; held hands up until my grandfather passed. They were amazing and beautiful people who lived life to the fullest. They are survived by five children, thirteen grandchildren and twenty one great-grandchildren. 


We’d love to see your Vintage Bride submissions. Email us for a chance to be featured!

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paper-flower-tutorial-snippet-ink paper-flower-tutorial-snippet-ink


We’re going to be honest, this week’s Paper Flower DIY is pretty time intensive. But what you spend in time, you’ll save in dollars! Not only are these paper flowers just as beautiful as their counterpart, they’ll always stay peppy and photo ready!  Want to give your friends a double-take?  Add greenery and foliage to make them look more realistic!

Thanks to Download and Print you can save a little time with this free downloadable template. So schedule a craft night with your bridal party, open a bottle of wine and start creating!


Photography: Sonya Yruel.


diy-paper-flowers-with-crepe-paper diy-paper-flowers-with-crepe-paper
diy-crepe-paper-flowers-snippet-ink-13 diy-crepe-paper-flowers-snippet-ink-13
diy crepe flowers, free printable diy crepe flowers, free printable



–  Crepe Paper
Tissue Paper
–  24 – Gauge Floral Wire
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
–  Floral Tape
Markers, or Paint (optional)
Crepe Flower Template


peony, tulip, rose, magnolia paper flowers peony, tulip, rose, magnolia paper flowers

(Top to bottom: Peony, Tulip, Rose, Magnolia)



1.  Download our free petal template HERE.
2.  Select the flower you wish to make and cut the designated number of petals.
3.  Align the grain of the crepe paper with the double arrow on the pattern.
4.  Using a marker a few shades darker than your crepe paper, shade the lower third of your petal. TIP: Use uneven strokes for a natural look.
5.  Set aside.

To create a peony or magnolia stamen: 

6. Crumple a piece of scrap paper into a 1/2″ ball.
7. Twist 24 gauge wire around stamen ball.
8. Wrap and twist a small piece of crepe over the ball, twisting like you were covering a piece of candy in a wrapper.
9. Use floral tape to adhere the stamen to 24-gauge floral stem wire. Set aside.

To create a rose or tulip stamen: 

10. Cut a 10″ x 1.25″ strip of brown or black tissue paper. Cut approximately 1/8″ wide fringe, being careful only to cut 1″ deep.
11. Create fringe with fringing or regular scissors.
12. Wrap fringed tissue paper onto floral wire.
13. Adhere together with floral tape. Set aside.

Attaching petals to stamen: 

14: Taking your cut out petals, reference the squiggle line on the pattern, use two hands to stretch the crepe paper. The petals will begin to cup and curl.
15. Use a hot glue gun to adhere petals to the flower stamen. Stagger and layer the petals forming a tight bud around the stamen.
16. With all the petals attached, wrap the base of the petals with floral tape twisting around and down the stem wire.
17. Gently ease your flower open to achieve the ideal amount of bloom.


diy crepe paper flowers with free template diy crepe paper flowers with free template


Are you incorporating paper flowers at your wedding?  Share your paper flowers with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 


This post is sponsored by Richard Photo Lab. 

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13-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 13-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Mallie and Gifford’s black tie wedding at the Chattooga Club was elegant and a touch rustic, and utterly timeless. And I love how their planner describes the venue: “A beautiful, traditional ambience that is a style so specific to the Highlands/Cashiers areas of the North Carolina mountains: historic and authentic to the natural surroundings, at once woodsy and reminiscent of classic English countryside, romantic, a polished Southern mountain style, both lush and luxurious.” Read on to see it for yourself!

Photography by Mandy Busby. 


2-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 2-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


3-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 3-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


4-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 4-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


6-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 6-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


The ladies’ bouquets including white peonies, pale pink roses, and a mix of foliage.


1-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 1-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


8-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 8-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


9-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 9-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


10-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 10-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


11-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 11-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


12-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 12-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


14-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 14-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


15-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 15-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Mallie wore an elegant sheath lace dress and paired it with a stunning heirloom veil. Gifford looked dapper in his tuxedo.


18-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 18-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


17-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 17-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


19-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 19-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


The Ceremony

“We chose the church for our ceremony because it was beautiful, it was large enough to hold the large guest count of friends and family coming from Alabama, Virginia, California, and places in between, and they were willing to work with us in designing our own ceremony.”


20-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 20-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


21-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 21-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Your ceremony in three words. Reverent, sacred, exultant.

Who officiated your ceremony? A very dear friend and mentor for both of us, Minister Stephen Phelan, came from San Diego, where he is the lead pastor at Bridge Church. I interned with Stephan’s church, and both of us attended while we lived in San Diego so it was so special to have him marry us.

What was your ceremony music? “Praise to the Lord Almighty”, “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” “Jesus I am Resting, Resting” “Be Thou My Vision” and “Before the Throne”.

What were your ceremony readings? Yes, Psalm 34 and several other scripture readings.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding ceremony? That it was so filled with faith and spirit; we never wavered in focusing on the meaning of the day.


22-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 22-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


23-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 23-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


The Reception

“The Chattooga Club is stunningly beautiful, unique, and located in the Cashiers/Highlands area of the mountains which is very important to my family (my grandmother and grandfather, Gammy and Lala, have had a mountain home in the area for many years), and it was a wonderful mix of rustic and elegant that perfectly suited our aesthetic.”


24-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 24-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


25-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 25-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


How would you describe your reception? Romantic, enchanting, beautiful, fun, and full of love and celebration.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding? Vintage touches, clean, elegant details, lots of candlelight, a rustic yet elegant feel that permeated throughout.



26-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 26-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


What was your wedding menu? It was a dynamic menu with lots of stations and passed hors d’oeuvres, to keep everyone moving and exploring the expansive space. We wanted to offer delicious crowd pleasers, and comfort food favorites. Some highlights included candied bacon on a stick, peel and eat shrimp, carving station with beef tenderloin and herbed biscuits, pimento burger sliders, chilled peach soup, and pecan crusted chicken tenders.


29-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 29-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


30-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 30-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


27-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 27-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


28-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 28-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Did you have a signature cocktail? Yes, the bride and groom settled on a refreshing and summery cocktail they called the “Mint to Be” – their favorite Trader Joe’s pomegranate limeade + vodka cocktail, garnished with a slice of lime on the rim and a small sprig of mint dropped into the glass.


31-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 31-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Please tell us about any other special details or moments from your reception. Two highlights: everyone crowding the dance floor to dance the night away to amazing Atlanta band, Mo Sol, including a dance and sing-off to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Both grandparents, kids, and college students and 20-somethings alike were having such a blast. Also, at the very end of the night, after all the trolleys and the busses departed, and the newlyweds had gone off into the night in their vintage convertible, the rest of the family (both Mallie and Gifford’s parents, their aunts and uncles, and siblings – several generations) all pulled up adirondacks onto the grassy terrace lawn bordering the croquet field, and chatted and reminisced and laughed about the beautiful weekend and all their favorite memories, late into the night, under the stars and the twinkling cafe lights. There was so much love between the group of old friends and newly acquainted friends who had been instrumental in raising the bride and the groom and contributing to the big wedding weekend! It was a special way to reflect upon and end a wonderful weekend that I’m sure they’ll never forget!

Everything Else

Did you include any other traditions in your wedding? Mallie wore her mother Tricia’s blue garter and incorporated this with Gifford ending the evening with a garter toss. Mallie also tossed her bouquet.


32-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 32-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


Special dances: 
First Dance: You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
Father/daughter, Mother/Son: Isn’t She Lovely, Stevie Wonder


33-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 33-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


34-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 34-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


35-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 35-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


What type of cake or dessert did you serve? We had a beautiful wedding cake from Artista Cakes – it was a beautiful, simple design, 4 tiers, with vanilla bean cake and salted caramel buttercream and American buttercream fillings. We also had a mallard cake for the groom’s cake in a nod to Gifford’s hunting hobby, plus a selection of mini pies and other delicious pastries and desserts from Chattooga Club’s pastry chef.

From Mallie and Gifford’s planner, Asheville Event Co.: “Guests danced the night away to the Atlanta-based classic soul band, Mo’ Sol. They had everyone on their feet and the dance floor was absolutely packed all night long! We handed out glow glasses, necklaces, and light-up tambourines to help add to the festive air. What a party it was! The guests packed the dance floor and spilled out onto the lawn – people of all ages from 8 to 80 were boogying – it was such a joy-filled event!”


36-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 36-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford


38-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford 38-mandy-busby-mallie-gifford
Photography: Mandy Busby / Event Planning & Design: Asheville Event Co. / Reception Venue, Catering, Dessert: Chattooga Club in Cashiers, North Carolina / Ceremony Venue: Community Bible Church / Floral Design: Floressence / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid / Suit, Tie, Shirt, Accessories, Groomsmen Attire: Mitchell’s Tuxedos / Hair, Makeup: French Twist Salon / Rentals: Professional Party Rentals / Ceremony Music: Elizabeth Jobson String Trio / Reception Music: Mo’Sol Band, (678) 852-2608 / Cake: Artista Cakes / Transportation: Elite Limousines
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