With spring in full force, we’d like to celebrate some of our favorite annual blooms: hellebores! “I love their shape, there is really nothing else similar to it. I love the bright colored stamens that they have while they are still on the flower, and I love how sharp and beautiful the blooms look after the stamens have fallen off,” says floral designer Sarah Winward. “If they are cut at the right time hellebores will last a week as a cut flowers.”

Flowers used in these arrangements: hellebores, argutifolius silver lave, double queen, merlin and spotted white lady.


Hellebores are early spring bloomers. They can be found peeking out of the snow as early as February! Although they are often called lenten roses, they are actually related to ranunculus – the nickname refers to their tendency to appear during Lent. Originating in Europe and Asia, hellebores have gained a rich history resulting in a variety of hybrids and a range of applications from medicinal use to the study of toxins.



Their color variations make them floral design superstars. With shades of white, green, lavender, and purple, there is a hellebore for practically every color palette! Rich pigment makes them a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a deeper, more sophisticated look. As an added bonus, these blooms are beautiful from every angle, boasting gorgeous buds and deeply-colored spots on the backs of their petals.


Flowers used in these designs include hellebores, flowering quince, heuchera leaves, fritillaria uva vulpis, pieris, columbine, spirea and swedish ivy.


Find more seasonal wedding flowers right here.


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I’m lucky enough to call Maui my home. I have been here for over 15 years and live on the westside of Maui — which is the Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua areas. If beaches, laid back lifestyle, warm breezes, bare feet, and blue skies and ocean are your thing, Maui is the place to visit. I am a simple girl and a big believer in the simple things in life and I think my list of favorite things to do and see reflects that.

Things To Do

Relax: To me the most important thing to do on Maui, is relax. Its hard to wind down, but to me, the whole point of Maui is letting it go — sit by the pool and read a book, swim in the ocean with a floatie, chill out.


Surf: When in Hawaii, do what the locals do and surf!  Outrageous Surf gives beginner lessons and rents surfboards in Lahaina at a great beginners surf spot (Breakwall).

Rent a Bike: you can rent a cruiser bike at West Maui Cycle and see the town that way. Its a fun way to get around and give you the beachy-town vibe.

Snorkeling: Just dipping underwater and a whole new world opens up. Snorkel equipment can be rented at numerous places in town and the best places to snorkel are Black Rock in front of the Sheraton or at Kapalua Bay (in the summer months).

Whale Watch: During the months of December – April the whales are in Maui and can be seen easily from the coastline. Jumping up on a boat like Trilogy (a catamaran) to go on a whale watch from Lahaina harbor is a must do. There is nothing like being on the ocean and seeing the whales up close.

Cliff Jumping: If you want more adrenaline in your vacation, you can jump cliffs at Black Rock or Cliff House in Kapalua. Or you can sign up for parasailing or jet skiing (only available in summer months when there are no whales) or zip line over valleys in Kapalua.

Places to Stay

There is resort Maui and backyard Maui. The best places to see the resort side of Maui include the Kaanapali resorts — Hyatt, Sheraton, and Westin or you can go more upscale at the Montage or Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. All will have fantastic pools, rooms, and service and are right on the ocean.

Pictured above: Westin, Ka’anapali. 

Backyard Maui can range from renting a private home on the beach, ocean front condos to going the Airbnb route. Im all for an ocean view though— its why you came and nothing beats the sound of the ocean at night. So that would be my splurge of the trip.

One of my favorite little known places is Lahaina Shores. Its right on the ocean in Lahaina town and has great rates for nice spacious oceanfront rooms.

Where to Eat

Mala Oceanfront Tavern: If oceanfront dining with local organic farm to table ingredients in a casual hip atmosphere sounds ideal, then Mala Oceanfront Tavern is your place. its located right in Lahaina town.

Choice Health Bar: Choice Health Bar is a very popular vegan organic and healthy breakfast and lunch place in Lahaina. Order juices, smoothies, salads, acai bowls and other healthy treats right at the counter. (Bonus: They have a fresh salad sushi option at night!)

Longhis: Located on Front Street, Longhis is a Lahaina tradition. They have an amazing breakfast but their dinner is my favorite. Lots of italian and fresh seafood options, but my favorite is their complimentary pizza bread served as an appetizer and the artichoke with parmesan.

Merrimans: Merrimans is oceanfront with local farm to table ingredients but in an upscale gorgeous dining environment. they are up on the cliff above Kapalua bay and even have a fire pit they light up at night.

Ululani’s Shave Ice: No trip to Maui is complete without having a Ululani’s Shave Ice. For extra yumminess, make sure to get ice cream on the bottom and top your shave ice with Kauai cream.

My Favorites

Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua is my favorite beach on the westside of Maui. Its not in front of any resorts so not many tourists go there. Its empty most of the day. But its a big wide beach with fine grained sand and a gorgeous,  wild ocean and there are cliffs on either side!

The Farmers Market in Honokowai is my favorite place to eat. Its a small health food store with a daily hot food bar, fresh salad bar, fresh organic green juices made to order, and smoothies and acai bowls.

On the westside I love shopping either on Front Street — mostly little surf shops (think Billabong, Roxy, Naish, etc.) or at Whalers Village at Kaanapali (surf shops mixed with higher end stores) but nothing so high end you cannot shop barefoot.

Spa Montage is home to my favorite yoga and pilates classes and a gorgeous location for a massage or spa treatment. I love the Tuesday/Thursday 8 a.m. yoga classes with Danielle.

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Susan and Nic tied the knot in St Michaels, Maryland in a wedding that was as classic as it was fun. Brides who love stately seaside homes and are quick with a crab mallet will adore this Chesapeake celebration. Details we’re pinning include their nautical invitation suite, the timeless green and white blooms, and their stunning tented reception.


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


Wondering about the crab mallet? “We had a big ‘Welcome Crab Feast’ to kick off the weekend, which was such a blast,” says Susan. “People got down and dirty, using crab mallets to pick crabs. There were big plastic bibs and rolls of paper towels at the picnic tables, and we served flavored popcorn and ice cream from a local creamery. There was a phenomenal bluegrass band, a nod to one of our first dates. At the end of the night, the band played Drink Up and Go Home! to send everyone off before the wedding the next day. It was the perfect way to start the weekend.”


2-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 2-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn
Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


“Many of my family vacations were spent sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, and I knew I always wanted to get married by the water. When we thought about places that were ‘destination,’ yet had significance, St. Michaels came to mind. It wasn’t pretentious or over-the-top, but it was quaint and intimate – a perfect spot for a summer wedding, and a beautiful place to visit.”


4-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 4-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn


Welcome bags (in nautical navy and white stripes, naturally) included local Route 11 potato chips, chocolates, and a weekend itinerary.


5-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 5-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn
6-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 6-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn


Susan’s bouquet of ivory garden roses, dusty miller, and greenery, hinted at the lush flowers that would decorate the reception space.


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


The Ceremony

“We really wanted to emphasize and focus on our ceremony. Our faith is very important to us, and we felt strongly that God be always at the center of our celebration. Our vows were the traditional Catholic marriage vows. We love them – so simple, yet so meaningful.


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


Your ceremony in three words.  Traditional, intimate, meaningful.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding ceremony?  My favorite thing about our ceremony was seeing the look on Nic’s face as I walked down the aisle. I knew how nervous he was, and so I expected him to look very serious. But when he saw me, he looked overwhelmed and I could see the tears forming in his eyes. It was so touching!


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


Who officiated your ceremony?  Our ceremony was officiated by Father Thomas Roach, S.J. He was a former high school teacher of my father and my four uncles.

What were your ceremony readings?  First Reading: Song of Songs 2:8-10, 14, 16; 8:6-7 / Second Reading: Colossians 3:12-17 / Gospel: John 15:9-12

Tell us about how you chose your ceremony music.  We knew we were going to have a Catholic ceremony, and therefore much of the ceremony was predetermined. The ceremony music, however, was of utmost importance, and we spent a lot of energy choosing the perfect music. I was raised in a musical family, and have long had a love of traditional choral music. We had a quartet accompanied by a pianist and a trumpeter; a piano was a must, even if it meant having one delivered to the church ahead of time!

Ceremony music:
Seating of the families:Bist Du Bei Mir,” J.S. Bach // Bridesmaids’ Processional: Air from “Water Music,” G.F. Handel // Bride’s Entrance:Trumpet Voluntary,” J. Clarke // Hymns:All Creatures of Our God and King,” Ralph Vaughan Williams / “Lord of all Hopefulness,” J. Struther / “Ave Maria,” Bach/Gounod / “The Lord’s Prayer,” A.H. Malotte / “Set Me as a Seal,” R. Clausen // Recessional:Hornpipe,” G.F. Handel


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink
Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


If you had it to do over again, is there anything you would do differently?  Nic and I always say that even with all the little imperfections we wish we could live it over again exactly as it was. It was our day, and everything about it was wonderful!

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  The best advice I received as a bride was to enjoy every moment. I was told that it all goes by so fast, so take time to soak it all in, and I think we did just that. Once or twice, Nic and I snuck away from the dinner tent to just watch our guests having a great time on the dance floor. We made a point of freezing that image in our heads to hold on to. It was the most special day of our lives, and we will never forget it!


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink
Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


The Reception

“I came across the Inn at Perry Cabin while exploring places to stay in St. Michaels and immediately fell in love with its charm and romance. When Nic and I visited for the first time, we knew it would be the perfect place for our wedding reception. Being on the water was a must, and the grounds were stunning.”


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink
13-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 13-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn


How would you describe your reception?  We wanted our reception to be all about togetherness and time shared with the people we love most. Nic took me dancing on one of our first dates, and it has since become one of our favorite things to do together, so we knew we wanted there to be a lot of dancing and great music.


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  While planning our wedding, I was inspired by the Chesapeake Bay itself and the Inn. For these reasons, I knew the natural surroundings would provide most of the décor, but I also wanted lots of flowers and candlelight. I loved the idea of hanging arrangements that would seemingly float about the tables, and our florist pulled these off beautifully. I couldn’t have been happier with the results!


16-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn 16-kateheadley-snippetandink-perryinn
perry-cabin-wedding-maryland-kate-headley-033 perry-cabin-wedding-maryland-kate-headley-033


Please tell us about any other special details or moments from your reception.  We had a photo booth, and people were invited to put their photo in an album and leave a message for us. It doubled as our guestbook, and we love looking back through all the funny photos and people’s comments. It’s one of our favorite mementos from the weekend. // Our wedding band was so amazing. They were energetic and their stage presence was fantastic. They played off the crowd amazingly well, and everyone was on the dance floor all night long. People are still saying they were the best wedding band they had ever seen!


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink


What was your favorite moment or part of the reception? My favorite part of the reception was our first dance. As I mentioned, we love to dance together, and this was where we had the most fun. We first danced to “Do I Love You?” by Ella Fitzgerald, and then broke out into a more up-tempo dance to “All My Lovin’” by The Beatles. We had so much fun, and our guests loved it too!

What were your father/dance and mother/son dances?  My father and I danced to “The Way You Look Tonight,” and Nic and his mother danced to “Stand by Me.”

Were there any surprises at your reception?  From the time I was a teenager, my godfather has told me that he had picked out the song that he and I would dance to at my wedding. He had kept it a secret all this time, and on my wedding day, he and I danced to “Susan,” by Dean Martin. I had never heard it before, and halfway through the song he passed me off to Nic while the following lyrics played, “Susan has made her mind up who she’s choosin’, who she’s gonna be. Susan’s in love with me.” It was such a wonderful surprise, and it was perfectly executed!


Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink Kate Headley | Snippet & Ink
Photography: Kate Headley / Event Planning & Design: Pineapple Productions / Venue, Catering, Cake: Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland / Dress, Veil: Vera Wang / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale / Suit: Alfani / Tie: Calvin Klein / Floral Design: Dragonfly Events / Save the Dates, Invitations, Menu Cards: Cheree Berry Paper / Itineraries in Welcome Bags: Empress Stationery / Calligraphy: Arney Walker / Hair: Hair by Giselle / Makeup: Kim Giammaria, Beautymark / Rentals: DC Rental / Tent: Sugarplum Tent Company / Ceremony Music: Entertainment Exchange / Reception Music: Rhythm Collective, Elan Artists / Vintage Car: Concourse Limo / Transportation: Bayside Limo

Pineapple Productions is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor. 
This post contains affiliate links. 

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This North Carolina wedding is full of charming details, from the unique aisle decals to the bride’s waxflower head wreath, from the thumbprint guest book to the eyeglasses on the getaway car. And though Morgan and Jonathan were wed in December, their wedding was full of candlelight and warmth. Read on for all the lovely, thoughtful details!


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What was the best advice you received as a bride?  Remember what marriage is about while you are planning your wedding; strive for a marriage more beautiful than your wedding. That was the idea that I held onto throughout our engagement.

What advice do you have for other couples in the midst of planning a wedding?  Take it all in. Throughout your engagement, and especially on your wedding day. People aren’t kidding when they say it flies by! Remember to stop and soak up everything that is happening.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
5-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan 5-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan


The Ceremony

“We planned our ceremony together, and then nailed down the details with our pastor. The ceremony really was the part of our wedding day that we valued the most and put the most thought into. We wanted every word that was said, read, or heard to be carefully planned out so that it would reflect who we are as a couple and what we believe as clearly as possible.”


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


Your ceremony in three words.  Gospel, Community, Warmth.

Why did you choose this location for your ceremony?  We wanted a space for our ceremony that was intimate, a blank canvas for design, and a space that was largely free from distractions. This room at the Lofts at Union Square gave us all of that! We were able to create a really intimate, warm, and communal atmosphere for what we viewed as the most important part of our wedding day. This room allowed us to be close to the ones we loved, have them feel like they really were the huge part of our story that we think of them to be, and created a space where they were able to hear the story of us and why we pursued marriage.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


Who officiated your ceremony?  Ben Tugwell, the pastor of our church officiated our ceremony. He has known us since before we knew each other, and seen use grow individually and together, so having him officiate our ceremony was very important to us. We couldn’t imagine having anyone else officiate our wedding.

What were your ceremony readings?  Psalm 100.

What were your vows like?  We wanted to follow the “repeat after me” format of traditional vows, while still writing vows that were real and meaningful to who were were as a couple. We wrote our own vows in that style, based largely on scripture as well as roles we vowed to fulfill as husband and wife.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What was your ceremony music?  The hymn It is Well was played during the seating of our mothers and grandmothers. Our processional was to Future/Past by John Mark McMillin. Come Thou Fount was sang by one of our bridesmaids during the bridal party prayer. Towards the end of our ceremony, we sang Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery by Matt Papa along with our family and friends. The recessional was Follow You by Ben Rector.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What was your favorite thing about your wedding ceremony?  Halfway through our ceremony, our bridal party gathered around us to pray with us for our marriage. Come Thou Fount was sung during this time, and our family and friends were asked to pray for us as well. As much of a blur as our ceremony was, this is the one thing that both of us really remember, and cherish. We were able to take a breath, take it all in, and soak in the sweet prayers our favorite people were offering up for us.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
12-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan 12-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


The Reception

“Our reception felt like the best thing ever because you have all of the people you love in one room for one night. We ate, drank, danced, talked, and celebrated with ‘our people’. We know that having all of these people we hold so dear is extremely rare. It was so precious to have our family and friends together with us for one night, celebrating this adventure with us.”


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
17-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan 17-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan


Why did you choose this location for your reception?  Just as we did for our wedding ceremony, we wanted a space for our reception that was blank canvas. This room allowed us to create a space that was unique, inviting, and that reflected who were were. The floor to ceiling windows were something that we loved, and the open plan allowed for us to set up the room however we wanted.


19-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan 19-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


Please tell us about any special details  from your reception.  Jonathan and I met in the coffee aisle at the grocery store, so coffee has always been and will continue to be a large part of our relationship! We decided to have a coffee bar with customized coffee mugs at our reception, where our guests were able to enjoy something that we love.

Did you include any other traditions in your wedding?  At our rehearsal dinner, Jonathan’s mom gave me a small Bible and handkerchief that was gifted to Jonathan the day that he was born, to be given to his future wife some day. This was so special for me to have that whole weekend, and especially on that day. I looked through it that morning and use the handkerchief all day. It is something I will cherish forever!


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What type of cake or dessert did you serve?  At our cake tasting, we couldn’t choose just one flavor, so we decided to have five small cakes instead! We had caramel, Oreo, mocha, vanilla, and lemon cake. We loved this spread because it gave people choices!


22-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan 22-nancyray-snippetandink-morganjonathan
Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What was your first dance song?  Our first dance song was Forever Like That by Ben Rector. Our father/daughter dance was “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain, and the mother/son dance was “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.


Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink


What was your favorite moment or part of the reception?  Our favorite part of the reception was getting to be with all of the people we hold most dear. Whether it was eating cake, catching up, or dancing the night away, we were able to reminisce on old memories and create so many new ones with our favorite people.



Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink Nancy Ray | Snippet & Ink
Photography: Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography / Venue: The Lofts at Union Square in High Point, North Carolina / Event Planning & Design:  Details by Martha Stillwell  / Officiant: Ben Tugwell of Integrity Church / Dress: Amy Kuschel / Shoes: Seychelles / Veil: Lana Addison  / Bridesmaid Dresses: Love Lane via Bella Bridesmaid / Suits: J.Ferrar / Ties: The Tie Bar / Shirts: Madison / Shoes: Vans / StationeryVal Marie Paper / Floral Design: Simply Elegant Floral Designs / Band: Java Band by East Coast Entertainment / Catering: Catering by Design / Cake: Maxie B’s

Nancy Ray is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor. 

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